In the company Cubica We create quality and original furniture for life. We produce veneer and solid furniture with own design. Production includes standardized furniture and custom furniture.



Modern solid wood bed WAY.



Solid wood dinning table ELYS.


solid oak dinning table tafel by cubica

Solid wood dinning table TAFEL.


dinning table dan by cubica



Simple solid wood dinning table DAN.


library link by cubica

Variable  library LINK is made of sheet steel and solid wood. It can be folded in a variety of sizes and designs. Horizontal components of the timber can be shelves or closed boxes with doors or drawer.



Round dining table DINO is made ​​of steel and solid wood.


TV cabinet ANIMA

Solid oak TV cabinet ANIMA.


Dining table RASTER by cubica

Solid wood dinning table RASTER.


dinning table rock by cubica

Solid oak dinning table ROCK.


small table UP by cubica


Solid wood coffee table UP.

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